Normandy, Tennessee

Normandy is an extremely small town in the southern part of Middle Tennessee. A very old railroad town not too far from the George Dickel Distillery, the downtown area consists of a single row of buildings about 200 feet long. It is home to a very good little restaurant and nice little shops. You can walk across the main residential area in about 10 minutes. It doesn’t sound like much but it is a great place to spend a little time exploring it and the surrounding countryside.

Nolensville, Tennessee

When we first moved to Tennessee, Nolensville wasn’t much more than a wide spot in the road. The community has done a remarkable job maintaining its small town character while experiencing tremendous growth just north of the historic downtown area. It consists of churches, re-purposed mills, feed stores, and small diners which make it a wonderful place to spend a few hours on a lazy afternoon.

This small town is also home to some excellent barbecue brisket at Martin’s BBQ — for a Texas boy that means a lot.

Granville, Tennessee

Granville was a very pleasant surprise. One morning Lisa and I decided to just head north from Murfreesboro toward Carthage. On the way she mentioned that she had heard of a little town called Granville that some folks had visited and enjoyed. With no particular agenda we drove on past Carthage and found this little gem of a community. The people were very nice, the town was interesting, and the food was good — a nice combination.

They had a small museum in an old church that told about the area and was absolutely fascinating. Local families and all contributed genealogy records and made them available for visitors to enjoy. The general store was full of interesting items and served a great lunch. It turns out that they broadcast a radio show every week and have some surprisingly famous guests. Marty Stuart is a regular performer who would be a treat to hear in such a personal venue.