I’ve photographed longer than I’ve driven – – legally, that is.  Cutting my teeth in photography as a yearbook photographer, I worked by way through college shooting college social events, weddings, portraits, rock bands, album covers, and anything else that would pay the bills.

I’ve shot for newspapers, museums, galleries and even the odd assignment for Newsweek magazine.   I’ve taught photography (basic photography all the way through digital editing and advanced color printing techniques) for two universities along with public classes in libraries, senior centers, and photography stores.  I am a former member of the Artist League of Texas and held several solo and multi-artist exhibits.

I’ve photographed projects in more than a dozen countries on three continents, written four travel books, and have two more in the works.

During the ’80s I worked with all the major camera manufacturers selling to professional photographers.  I was on a first name basis with the folks at Leica, Hasselblad, Canon, Nikon, Minolta, and Pentax.  They sent me out of the country with projects and I had use of all the new toys — I kind of miss that.

I became acquainted with Ernst Wildi, the author of the Hasselblad Manual, who taught the astronauts how to photograph in space and on the moon.  It was a fascinating time in a young career.  I also printed the first images of the artifacts of the Titanic discovered by Jack Grimm the summer before James Cameron found the main ship.  Jack wanted someone who had the technical skills but could also keep his mouth shut about it.  It was thrilling being that close to such a famous part of history but disappointing that the other team found it first.

I’ve been a technophile my entire life and started writing code in the ’70s well before  personal computers. In the 90’s I started an internet and web design company with a couple of professors when the common response from customers was ‘the interwhat??.  After a dozen years of that and serving as the Chief Financial Officer for a regional service provider it was time to move to Tennessee.

I’ve spent the last eleven years consulting, teaching, photographing, traveling, and basically enjoying a fairly peaceful life.  At the university level I’ve taught photography, accounting, creative writing, software applications, and coding.  I am also the director of marketing for a very large regional university and enjoying working with some extremely talented and creative people.  This environment provides wonderful growth and development opportunities and a chance to stay on the leading edge and a chance to work regularly with world-class creative professionals.

I am working on digitizing some of the tens of thousands of negatives and transparencies that I have in my files while continuing to shoot new content each week.  That being said, this gallery will evolve fairly quickly with a range of destinations, projects and subjects.  I hope you visit often and enjoy my work.  Let me hear from you.